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Custom Benefit Packages To Meet Your Needs

Every business has different budgets, employee sizes, goals for growth, and general needs. As brokers, we will create a customized benefit package that you can rely on. We have access to over 100 insurance companies who specialize in different benefits so we can fulfill your needs!

We Are A Socially Responsible Partnership

When we broker your benefits, your community benefits too! Partnerships with the Community Foundation of Boulder County and Good Business Colorado allow us to make consistent donations to nonprofits locally while advocating on a state and local level for your employees!

Provide Employee Wellness Programs

Providing financial and wellness programs for your employees can be very expensive and may not make much sense due to remote and hybrid work. We created programs that your employees can access anywhere. Financially and holistically, we've got you covered!


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Commitment to Innovation


Keeping up with the demands of your employees is HARD. Corporate Social Responsibility has been found to enhance employee satisfaction. When your employees satisfaction is enhanced, look forward to higher productivity and a decrease in turnover!

Our business model was created to enhance our clients CSR, without it costing them to do so. We are community focused and increase the funding going to nonprofits locally. Most companies are unable to effectively set up consistent volunteering opportunities and stay engaged with the needs of their community. When you chose to work with us, we make it a priority to provide the opportunities for your company to make a difference and increase your local and social brand image! Greater social brand image equates to higher rates of employee retention and greater loyalty amongst customers. That means an increase in your revenue and a decrease in your expenses. All of this is possible TODAY. Make the first step... educate yourself on who we are, what we do, and then call us to get started!

Our Mission and Strategy

Where Innovation Connects The Profit & NonProfit World

Our Strategy

We created a simple and cost-effective way for companies to increase their impact on the communities local to them while benefiting from lower costs, employee retention, and enhanced coverage.

Our Mission

More than ever, nonprofits are the foundations of living for many members of communities across the country. Here at BEB, we are more than just an employee benefits broker, we are on a mission to serve others and provide increased access to resources and opportunities to your employees and community. By utilizing the power of Healthcare commissions, we can donate consistently to nonprofits local to you!

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